I'm a book nerd, love the color purple, and I've been crocheting for almost 4 years. A huge geek, I love all things technological, and use my iPad Mini regularly to browse craft magazines. Born and raised in Cleveland, I love Jesus, love teenagers, and love this city.
I've been knitting and crocheting for over 25 years, and I love to share this hobby with my daughter. You can find me at craft fairs, craft stores, or camping with my husband and children almost every weekend!
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Easy and Cute Headbands

Why spend anywhere from 5-10 dollars at Target, Claire’s, or a fancy accessory store for the perfect headband, when you can make it yourself? My family is full of picky shoppers, and if something isn’t the right color, the right size, or the right style, it’s just not worth it.

Making your own hair accessories, or other style pieces, can be a super fun and easy craft to do with friends and family members of any age. Recently, my youngest sister, Becky, an avid collector of adorable headbands of all kinds, created a cute, flowery one to add to her wardrobe. By buying a plain headband, a flower, and some hot glue, you can easily put together any style or color combination you desire, for dollars less than one you’d buy at the store, and only be halfway satisfied with. (See photo!)

That’s the great thing about do-it-yourself fashion–you always get it right!

Here’s a few places you can find do-it-yourself headbands (all found via Pinterest):

Please share any other ideas you’ve come across!